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Taking your first steps into your lash career can be so exciting! You're making an investment into your future, and you want to make sure you are trained by a skilled professional. I offer training for Classic and Volume Lashes . When taking my 1 - on -1 training course, I give you all the knowledge, tips & tricks needed to become one of the best professionals in the industry. Refresher courses are also available for past students or anyone who has received a certification in Classic or Volume Lash Extensions. Upon completion of the course you will receive a training manual, certificate of completion and a lifetime mentor!


Training can be booked anytime under the page "Book An Appointment." I ask that you please book your training at least ONE WEEK in advance. A deposit of $150 is due at the time of booking, and is NON - REFUNDABLE. Financing options are available for eligible students who would like to use that option as well, below is a link to see if you qualify.

- Practice Mannequin Head

- Practice Lash Strips

- Microswab Brushes

- Mascara Wands

- Gel Pads

- Rechargeable Fan

- Glue Rings

- Lash Trays

- Lash Adhesive

 .....& more!

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